Happiness And Things I Learned From Buddhism

There are only two basic things that everybody wants: be happy and avoid suffering. If you think about it, all the other things are included in those two. If it’s that simple, why is it so difficult to be happy?

I’ll tell you why: because people don’t know what really makes them happy.

If something is a cause of happiness, it can never be a cause of suffering or pain. If you eat something delicious, it will bring you pleasure. If you eat it too much, it will give you a stomachache. You might love your job but if you work too much, you’ll be exhausted. And so on.

Therefore, none of these things can actually make you happy.

Nothing that you have or even that you do can make you happy. Only what you feel can bring real happiness.

You can feel love, compassion, respect, forgiveness, patience as much as you want and it will never cause you pain. Good feelings are the only true cause of happiness.


6 thoughts on “Happiness And Things I Learned From Buddhism

  1. I agree, but what about the situations that cause feelings? Can we say, then, that situations cause happiness or suffering, if they actually cause the feelings that lead to them?

    • Actually, what buddhists believe is that situations CAN’T cause you feelings because you decide how to feel about each situation. For example, you lose your job, some people may feel really sad, some people may see it as an opportunity. The situation doesn’t cause happiness or sadness, it all depends on how you decide to look at it. Every feeling is inside yourself, it doesn’t come from the outside world.

      • Yeah, it makes sense. It all comes down to how you feel about things, not the things themselves, right? I really do agree that feelings don’t come from the outside world.

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