Accept Your Luck


You are part of this universe. You’re a constituent – you have every entitlement to participate in the actions of the universe, and to let your feelings be known. So put your opinion out there. Make your case. Believe me – it will at least be taken into consideration.” – Iva, Eat Pray Love

The meaning of this quote is that you are allowed to ask the universe for good things. It’s not selfish. You’re part of the universe so you have the right to be happy. You have the right to get what you want.

This idea made me think about something else that was stopping me from being happy.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling happy or being lucky. There was a moment in my life when I couldn’t see the good things I had. I looked at everyone else I knew and thought they were so lucky in some aspects of their lives. But everyone is lucky for some reason. I was lucky too but I couldn’t take advantage of it. I felt guilty, I thought it wasn’t fair that this thing was handed to me. I should get it on my own, with my own efforts. What I failed to notice at the time is that the situation was exactly the same for me and for these other people. Those people I knew were lucky for other reasons but they were not fighting it, they were accepting and taking advantage of it. Why couldn’t I do the same? Why did I feel that it was okay for them to do it but not for me?

If something is handed to you by the universe, accept it. You deserve it as much as anyone else.


9 thoughts on “Accept Your Luck

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  2. I know but isn’t it scarry? I mean, we are sometimes afraid of being happy, afraid of letting good things happen to us. And this fear is almost natural, isn’t it?

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