How To Make Time

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We all have time, we just decide what to do with it. And sometimes we don’t make this decision wisely. If we want to make time, we need to think about it. How are you spending your time? Are you doing the things that are really important to you? Are you focusing on your priorities?

A couple of months ago, I decided to analyse how I was spending my time and I noticed that I was spending way too much time commuting. I thought I didn’t have time but I actually had been spending about 1 hour and 20 minutes of my day just travelling to and from work. Now I needed to rearrange things. How could I spend my time better? Should I cycle to work? Should I get a license? Should I move closer to work? I decided on the last option and started looking for a place. I have to be honest, I wasn’t looking very hard. However, funnily enough, my landlady sold the house and gave me 1 month and a half notice. Now I was being forced to move. It was really stressful to look for a new place but now I found it and guess what, it’s closer to work. Maybe that was the universe helping me get what I wanted.

So my point is: If you want to make time, analyse how you’ve been spending it, spot the problem, look for solutions and make changes. Hopefully the universe will give you a little help as well =)


5 thoughts on “How To Make Time

  1. I really think it was the universe telling you to move on, giving that extra boost on your will to change your past situation. It was very clear that you weren’t happy with your place, but you really weren’t looking for ways to change it. Now change has come anyway. I think that life is a lot like that. Sometimes change doesn’t come because we don’t take any step towards it, and the universe knows it. But sometimes, when it’s those pivotal changes that must happen, life follows its course anyway so that the referred process is undertaken.
    Anyways, your post is really about time and I have huge problems with time management, as you know. Having lots of diverse interests and unrealistic goals/wishes, I can only get anxious. I think I know where my time is going, but one thing I found out lately is that I’ve added a new time sucker: facebook. I even deleted, today, the smart button on a firefox add on menu I have, so maybe I access it less often. It’s addictive and wasteful, because most of time on this website is spent scrolling down the timeline and reading unrelated crappy updates about people I couldn’t care less. 😦

  2. I think you have to help yourself, of course. But sometimes you’re lucky enough to get this little push from the universe.
    I think we all have a time waster, we are all guilty lol
    I don’t think I spend much time on facebook but I do waste time just checking the same websites again and again for no reason, such as flickr or even this blog.

  3. Inspite of the fact this blog is about happiness, I coudn’t be more depressed after reading this post! I suck big time at managing my time, and I was actually excited about reading here about how to do it better….but then you talked about commuting! Crap!! Right now I’m the definition of commuting hauhauah

    • Oh no lol. Commuting was just an example because it was something I could change. You can’t change that at the moment but there might be other things you can change to make more time. Plus you can think of ways to use that time you spend commuting.

  4. I also have this “commuting” problem… There are days I spend 6 hours on a bus… i try to do other things, like read or listen to music, but it is so tiresome, and that tiny space doesn’t make me feel good even if I fall asleep… I’ve been thinking about what I could do to change this… It is important to make a decision… let’s see if I have the courage it takes 🙂

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