Food Can Make You Happy

When we’re feeling down, sometimes all we want is a bar of chocolate to make us feel better. But does it actually work? Or is it just psychological, just comfort? Can food actually improve our mood? Hell yeah! Scientists have found out the secret to why some types of food make us feel good. Apparently, some flavours found in comfort foods are chemically similar to mood enhancing drugs. Therefore, they could have a similar effect.

Now let’s move on to what really matters. What are these ‘happy foods’ or ‘feelgood foods’?

  1. Chocolate
    No wonder that’s what we crave when we are feeling depressed.

  2. Tea
     On a cold rainy day or after a hard day at work or those times when we don’t feel like going out, a cup of tea seems to be all we need in the world. Now we know why.

    Tea-bag. It is made of a special type of nonwo...


  3. Berries – strawberry, raspberry and blueberry
    Aphrodisiacs? Well, I guess more chances of wanting sex if you’re in a good mood.

Source:Researchers reveal the ‘feelgood foods’ that could make you happy (and yes, chocolate is on the list) (


7 thoughts on “Food Can Make You Happy

  1. Interesting, yesterday I was reading a book about anxiety and there was a chapter about food that can make us more anxious. Basically it said that you should have a healty diet, which means everything I’m not doing at the moment. It said anxious people should drink only one small cup of coffee a day (tops), eat less chocolate, sugar etc. And also never drink more than 2 glasses of wine or 2 cans of beer at once.
    I guess I’ll be anxious 4 ever, rsrs

    • I heard that about anxiety as well. I also heard that at the time you’re feeling anxious, it helps to eat crunchy food. There’s something about it that makes people feel more relaxed.

  2. I agree with Valeria, homemade food makes me happy too. Cooking a meal for me and for Erik at home makes me happy. Doing the groceries, designing the weekly menu and coming up with n ew recipes make me happy.
    Chocolate, the first on the list, is my favorite. I love chocolate and could eat it everyday.
    I think what Pam wrote about anxiety X food makes all the sense in the world. These foods can only make you even more anxious.

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