10 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness


What? Did I hear you right? Are you saying money can buy happiness? No, I don’t think happiness depends on how much money you have. Happiness is something that comes from within. However, if you, like me, are not enlightened yet, I assume you need money to live. And there are ways this hard-earned money can help bring you some happiness. Buying products you want might give you some pleasure but that’s not the point of this post. The point here is how money can affect your happiness. So here it goes, in no particular order:

1- Travel

Travelling requires a reasonable amount of money. However, unlike products, it’s life experience. It will provide you with moments you will never forget and stories to tell. It will teach you about other cultures, about yourself and about life. Travelling is not just something you buy, it’s meaningful and it might change your life.

2- Save time

If you can use your money on something that will allow you to have more time, it’s worth it. You should spend your time doing things that really matter to you, not stuck in traffic or doing things you hate. I spent money on time when I decided to move to a more expensive place that reduced my commuting time. Now I can spend more time focusing on yoga, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, having fun. It’s money spent on happiness. It’s worth it.

3- Contact your loved ones

Money spent on loved ones is not wasted money. You don’t have to buy them expensive presents but you do want to keep them in your life. Phone bills, internet, plane tickets, whatever brings you closer to your loved ones is money used for happiness.

4- Adopt a pet

Buying a pet definitely requires money but adopting a pet does too. You have to pay for food, health, toys, treats. Let’s be honest, a pet is like a baby to its owner and we always want all the best for them. But, even though having a pet is costly, it’s money well-spent. You have a friend for life, a company, a ball of fur or feather that loves you unconditionally, a source of fun and amusement, all into one.

5- Be more comfortable

If money can you make you more comfortable, take advantage of it. Walking on uncomfortable shoes all day will make you grumpy. You need a good night of sleep to be healthy. Feeling comfortable is a necessity. I remember when I decided to spend a little more money to buy nice fluffy pillows. I’ve never regretted it. Every night I put my head on my fluffy pillows, I feel glad I can sleep comfortably.

6- Do memorable activities

Many times you have memorable days that didn’t cost a thing. But there are activities that cost money and will give you a life-lasting memory. When I went to Paris, I decided to pay a bit more and go on a tour to Monet‘s garden. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve always loved Monet and his garden is absolutely fantastic. This memory will always seem like a fairy-tale to me. It’s unbelievable to think that I was actually there. The same goes for ‘The Phantom of the Opera‘. I could have gone for the cheaper restricted-view seats but I decided to get the second best. It was nothing considering this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

7- Eat healthy food

Healthy food can be cheap or it can be expensive but it’s worth the money either way. What’s is more important than your health? I’ll come back to this point later on.

8- Help someone

Sometimes you can help people and animals with your time, sometimes with your money. It’s a selfless way to use it so it’s bound to bring you happiness.

As the amazing Dalai Lama said: “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

9- Save yourself hassle

Sure, we are trying to be more peaceful and relaxed. But let’s be honest, we can’t help getting stressed when things don’t work. So save yourself the hassle and spend money on practical things. Think about what’s bringing you hassle and solve it. People don’t love spending money on suitcases for example, they are not very glamorous. I travel a lot and I’ve had a lot of different suitcases. Dealing with suitcases was never a joy for me. It’s not fun when their handle or wheels break and you’re in the middle of getting somewhere or when they are too heavy to carry without injuring your back. After having this happening to me a few times, I decided that suitcases were worth spending money on. I have two suitcases. They are from the same brand and they were fairly expensive but they lasted years, their wheels roll smoothly, they are light, their handles don’t hurt my hands and their compartments are super practical. No more hassle.

10- Invest on health 

Finally, back to health. As I said, nothing more important than health. Sometimes you only realise how important health is when you’re sick. Don’t be silly! Your health is important all the time. Spend your money to take care of your health, go to dentist, cure and prevent your illnesses. Again, not a very glamorous thing to spend money on but worthier  than an iPhone or a pair of shoes.

7 thoughts on “10 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

  1. I think the 10 ways can be summed up to spending money on things that you actually need, not want/desire. Except for number one, six and eight, most people need those things, so then it’s worth spending money on.

    It has become more difficult to save because more and more imaginary needs have been created since the development of the industrial society. So people believe they really need a specific item for a specific purpose, but it just might well be an excuse to shop. It usually is. What we really need, in very realistic terms, is housing, food, SOME clothes and shoes, heating (if you live in a very cold country) and good health (with the added health expenses if there’s no universal health system in your country). That’s all. For a healthy psychological life, some money for activities with friends, which doesn’t necessarily involve money all the times. If you live by it, you’d be amazed at how much money you’d save for whatever you want.

    I agree that money helps bring joy and happiness, after all, most activities have become commercial activities. I mean, if you love art and feel happy to go to museums, “you’ll need money to be happy”, you’ll need money to pay for tickets to go to museums once in a while. Money for the bus if the museum is far away. If you love traveling, like you and I, then you’ll need even more money. Money spent on something you love brings you happiness. What’s sad is the fact of needing money to do something you like in this world.

    There are interesting ways of living without money. Some groups have been trying, like freegans.

    “By accounting for the basic necessities of food, clothing, housing, furniture, and transportation without spending a dime, freegans are able to greatly reduce or altogether eliminate the need to constantly be employed.”


    Big hugs! 🙂

  2. When I started reading this post I didn’t think it was usual at all. I hate people that give more importance to money than they should…but I’m also realistic. We need money to live (specially in the society we live in). And yes, it helps – a lot. I’m not talking about us, that are not rich but are not poor as well. Think about people that starve, that die because of silly diseases, that soffer because can’t give basic life conditions to their children. Money would solve most of their problems and would make them happier.
    That’s the real importance of money for me….solving problems and eliminating stress.

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