10 Questions To Make You Think – December

I decided to give you 10 questions to think about every month. They are from a book called Q&A a day. You can read more about it on my previous post. So here are the 10 questions for this month:

    1. On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you?
      What made you choose that number? Is there something you can do to improve it?
    2. Who do you miss?
      Think of ways you can contact this person more. Maybe you can go visit in 2013.
    3. What is your most recent act of generosity?
      Helping other people is proved to have an effect on happiness.
    4. Where do you find joy?


    5. What are your top three wishes?
      Maybe you can turn them into your New Year’s Resolutions.
    6. Why are you impressive?
      Thinking positively about yourself will boost your self-esteem.
    7. If you had to move to a new city, where would you move?
      It’s good to know what kind of place you like to live and why. It makes you realize your priorities.IMG_6812loupb
    8. If you could be the best at anything, what would it be?
      Maybe you won’t be the best in the world but you can spend more time working on this skill.


    9. When was the last time you felt at peace?
      It’s always good to go back to places or moments when you feel at peace, even in meditation.
    10. What is your most cherished memory this year?
      Remembering good moments can boost your happiness.

6 thoughts on “10 Questions To Make You Think – December

  1. For me the most difficult one on this list is number 8.
    I have several issues on finding out what are my hobbies and skills. The bad part is that not knowing these things you feel kinda lost…

  2. Here it goes:

    1) 6

    2) Almost everybody in Brazil and England. My parents, my sister, my dogs, some good friends, and fun acquaintances. I have to travel in order to visit them or talk via skype. Chat. Write e-mails.

    3) Doing all the work at home on my own so that my partner could dedicate a 100% of his time on studies for the finals. And still plan a huge birthday surprise in the meanwhile. By work I meant moving things back into my place after 6 months abroad. : /

    4) Reading, cooking, drinking and being with Erik.

    5) One: find a job in something I believe in, something important for people and the world. Feel that I am being paid to do something I would for free.

    Two: Be happy in Sweden.

    Three: Discover which path to take to achieve number one and two.

    6) I am impressive because I took the challenge of moving to a foreign country.

    7) Finding this out is part of my 5 year plan. I still don’t know. There’s got to be good weather with defined seasons, a lot of sun, but a real winter too (or at least the possibility of traveling to see a real winter once in a while). A place where there are good fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance all year, where people are friendly and fun. A place that is by the sea, but not far from a big city and its entertainments.

    8) I would like to be the best in everything I do. I know it sounds megalomaniac.

    9) On top of the Sukkertoppen mountain in Ă…lesund, Norway.

    10) The trip to the US.

    Yay! Done. I really liked it, I think I am gonna post it in my blog.

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