The Power of Vulnerability

I’ve learned this from a TED talk by Brené Brown. She carried out a research and found out vulnerability is what makes people feel loved and belonging. The talk is really interesting and it’s so easy to relate to her, especially when she talks about her having a breakdown after getting to these results. Watch it, it really is worth it!

You should definitely watch this talk but here are some parts that I believe were particularly useful and I would like to remember. No quotation marks because it’s not exactly what she said but more of a summary:

What whole-hearted people have in common is courage, compassion, connection and vulnerability. Courage means to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. This people have the courage to be imperfect, they have the compassion to be kind to themselves first and then to others. They are willing to let go of what they should be in order to be who they are. They embrace vulnerability, for example, having the willingness to say ‘I love you’ first.

What we shouldn’t do: Numb vulnerability (we can’t numb those hard feelings without numbing joy) and make the uncertain certain.

What we should do: Let ourselves be seen, love with our whole hearts even when there are no guarantees, knowing that we are imperfect but worthy of love and belonging and knowing that we are enough.



3 thoughts on “The Power of Vulnerability

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  2. I loved the talk, Lou! Watched from the beginning to the end and I think it really gets very good from the middle. If there’s one thing that kinda “shocked” me should stay with me from now on is the numbing process. It was a great insight. I can really identify this dynamics in my life here in Sweden. I have numbed (or tried to) the bad feelings, but in this bunch of feelings, there were joy and happiness too. It was just so smart what she learned from her research, that there’s really no selective numbing. I hope I carry this learning with me now, I wanna revert this process. The question is how.

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