5 Inspiring Videos Under 5 Minutes

Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration, something to makes us think, something to motivate us. But there are so many resources online, so many videos, so many websites. Who has time for all that?

Well, this is a selection of very short videos, all with less than five minutes but still highly inspirational. They are all worth watching. So spare 20 minutes of your life to feel better and inspired.

After my questions to make you think. Here comes a new idea: videos to make you think.

This first one is a classic. You’ve probably watched it before but don’t skip it. It’s worth it watching it again. I bet you’ll smile.

This second video is like a gush of fresh air. It’s inspiring and the whole idea is just beautiful. The song is also perfect: “If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own…”. We should always remember that.

This third video shows that with motivation and will, you can achieve anything. Plus it proves how powerful and amazing Yoga is.

This one is actually a commercial but it’s such a light-hearted and sweet commercial that it’s worth watching. Just ignore the product 😉

This last one is something to make you think. I really believe in the message shown by this video and it’s something my life and probably this blog kind of revolve around. Watch and think: What are you doing with your life?


One thought on “5 Inspiring Videos Under 5 Minutes

  1. Lou,

    I really loved the video about the former paratrooper, I couldn’t help shedding some tears, hehehe… It really inspired me to start exercising. This is something I thought I had decided long ago, yoga + some other demanding physical activity that I really enjoyed. But when it comes to making it happen, I have done next to nothing. Then I felt very lame and lazy watching the video, because here is a guy who had real problems preventing him from doing, and here I am, no problems at all, just excuses. 😦 I hope I do start now.

    The song from the second video is beautiful, I like this band, Noah and the Whale.

    I couldn’t agree more with the last video. I’ve been trying to shift my life towards that idea, little by little.


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