10 Questions To Make You Think – February

A bit late but here it goes, 10 brand new questions to make you think this month.

This post is part of a sequence, you can read the other three posts here, here and here. Go to the last link if you want to understand more about this project.

  1. On a scale of one to ten, how sad are you? Why?
    One of the questions in December was the opposite of this one, it was how happy instead of how sad. This question is important because one is not exactly the opposite of the other. There’s something in the middle between being happy and sad. So even if you gave 5 for happy, it doesn’t mean you’ll give 5 for sad.

  2. What is your resolution for tomorrow?
    You can think of tomorrow as an abstract concept. What is your resolution for the future? What steps do you need to take to complete it?
  3. Are you seeking contentment or excitement?
    Again, this is one of those questions that might help you make decisions in the future. It can make you think long-term wishes rather than immediate gains.
  4. Are you in love?
    This question is important in both situations: if you’re single or  in a relationship. That’s because if you’re single and your answer is ‘yes’, you have to think about what it means to you and what you should do about it. If you’re in a relationship and your answer is ‘no’ then something is not quite right. If it’s the other way around then everything is how it should be =)
  5. What is your biggest obstacle right now?
    And what can you do to remove it? Or at least go round it.
  6. What are three things you have to buy?
    The key word here is ‘have’, not ‘want’ but ‘have’. If you really have to buy it then go ahead and do it or start saving for it. Otherwise, think twice. Do you really need it? Is it worthy of the price? You might want to write your shopping list here but try to think beyond that. Maybe you don’t really have to buy anything.
  7. Write down the cure for a broken heart.
    It might come in handy in the future. Although let’s hope not lol. This one is more for entertaining purposes.
  8. If you could change something about today, what would it be?
    Reflecting about your day and how you feel helps you reflect about yourself and what you can do to be better.
  9. What’s the most expensive thing you’re wearing now?
    This one follows the same principle of number 6. Why is it expensive? Did you buy it or was it a present? If you bought it, was it necessary to spend that much money? Or maybe you’ll find out that you haven’t spent that much money on anything at all which might make you feel better about your financial decisions.
  10. What’s the last dream you remember?
    Dreams can actually say a lot about you. No, they won’t predict your future but they represent your present. Your dreams reflect your feelings in real life. If you’ve been having nightmares, you’re probably really stressed and anxious in your daily life.


5 thoughts on “10 Questions To Make You Think – February

  1. Yay, one more month. Here it goes:

    1) 9 = very sad. I am very sad because I feel lost when it comes to life and my relationship. We’ve been having some arguments and I’ve been wondering (fearing) if it’s not the end that’s coming. Or if the end is just inevitable under our circumstances. We’ve both been longing for freedom, but in different ways. I just want to leave, run away, to the sun, to the road, to life. He just wants to be able to be without me for at least five minutes.

    2) Work and vacuum the floor. So. Much. Fun.

    3) Excitement. Erik seeks contentment.

    4) Yes, always, too much.

    5) I can’t think of obstacles right now, only the same things that I don’t like.

    6) One: a large bed. I haven’t been sleeping well in three years.
    Two: liquid soap to wash my hands in the bathroom.
    Three: a medium-sized frying pan.

    7) Being so busy that you can’t even think. Preferably in the evenings too, with new/old fun friends.

    8) I would try to feel less sad. Maybe control myself not to have some thoughts if I am not going to act upon them.

    9) I don’t really remember, ’cause everything is at least 5 years old. Maybe the sweater, which cost 30 reais (around 15 dollars).

    10) I was traveling in a weird place. It looked like a mix of Brazil and Mexico.

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