Do Something Different Today

Sometimes, even when our life is going pretty well, we might feel that we are stuck in a rut. Routine is a part of life and some people (not me) actually appreciate it. However, even if you like routine, you always need a change. Some people dread changes but that’s another reason to force them. Changes are part of life and it’s good to get used them and learn to enjoy them. Doing something different will bring excitement to your life, give it more meaning and make wonderful memories. So today, choose to do something different. It can be whatever you want but if you can’t think of anything, here are some ideas:

  1. Eat breakfast food for dinner.
  2. Take a different route (to go to work or home or wherever you go often)
  3. Cook something new. You can get the recipe of f the internet or a cookbook or your mum. You can invent a cocktail if you’re not a good cook.
  4. Wear something different. Do you always wear dark colours? Try some bright clothes. Do you wear make-up every day? Try not wearing it and appreciate your natural beauty.
  5. Plan an unusual outing. It will be something different for each person. For me it would be watching the football at the pub, for example. I’m not a football person so it’s unusual for me to do that. Maybe for you it’s going to the park, bowling or a nightclub.
  6. Go for a walk at night (if it’s safe).
  7. Set yourself a challenge. Some examples:
    Stop drinking for a month (alcohol or fizzy drinks)
    Stop swearing for a week
    Stop using facebook for a week
  8. Go to a restaurant/pub/bar you’ve never been before.
  9. Buy a lottery ticket. Just to feel that little rush before checking the results.
  10. Invite some friends over to your house.
  11. Learn something new: how to use chopsticks, how to say ‘hello’ in 10 different languages, how to sew, how to play an instrument, etc.
  12. Go skinny dipping in the pool (or the sea if you have the guts)
  13. Have sex outside.
  14. Do some studying or work sitting at a coffee shop or outside.
  15. Go sightseeing in your own city. This is the best one in my opinion. Sometimes tourists have seen more of our city than ourselves. When I have free time, I love to go searching for hidden places around Oxford.


Maybe you already do some of these things very often so they are not different to you. You can think of other things that would be different. Share your ideas in the comments =)



4 thoughts on “Do Something Different Today

  1. Some I do often but most of them were new to me. I wrote them down and I’ll try to do some the next few days.
    One idea that I have to share is to start a conversation with a stranger. Sometimes we are stuck at the bank or waiting for the bus with several people…quiet. It can be a nice oportunity to meet someone nice, to make time go faster and enjoy someone’s company for some minutes.
    Specially old people, they always want to talk to someone 🙂

    • I like your idea but sometimes I don’t feel like doing that. I’m just not a very sociable person. I don’t love small talk and I quite enjoy my quiet moments. I like to do it when I have something more to say though. If there’s a reason to start a conversation, you know?

  2. I already do some of these things often, which I guess is a good sign, right?

    I like number because it is always fun to change our own rules. When we were kids, wasn’t it wonderful when, for some reason, mom couldn’t cook dinner and we had to make do with pizza, or sandwiches, or whatever? I loved spontaneous moments like that! Yet I’ve become a control freak when it comes to meals, since I plan everything, cook most of the days etc. This brings me to number 3, “cook something new”. I think I cook at least 2 or 3 new dishes every week, it is so much fun. Sometimes I even get stressed with so many new things to learn in the kitchen.

    Inviting some friends over is a good one. I don’t feel social so often, but even then it has a “healing” effect. Even if you don’t feel like seeing those people in the beginning, you’d be amazed at how good it feels afterwards. it shows you that being social is crucial to our mental well-being. That’s my experience so far.

    Learning something new might be the best of all. It might be the best way to change your mindset, to make you think, to challenge yourself. It is a cure against boredom. Sightseeing in our hometown has more or less the same effect. It makes you literally see things under a new perspective and realize how much we are not here, how detached we are from our surroundings.

    I love to sit in a cafe and read a book, study and watch people. Swimming naked was something I did many times with my sister in Santos when I was younger. So much fun, delightful. Did it once in Trindade as well.

    Sex outside home is always fun. I would also suggest sex at a different time of the day than what you’re used to. It enlivens things.

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