Find Out What To Do With Your Life

Don’t know what to do with your life? Here are 3 websites that actually help. They are not self-help but actual tools to make you more aware of what you want.

    1. I came across this first one in a very simple way. About 1 year ago, I was really bored and desperate about my life so I went to google and typed “how to change my life”. The first result was this amazing article. This is the article that gave me the idea to start this blog because you have 20 minutes to write 100 things that you want to do and one of the things I wrote was to start a blog.

    2.  The second website was a recommendation from my friend Camila (Camila in Sweden). It is a tool to find out what your values are and help you make decisions in the future. I think it’s very important to be aware of your values. If you make a decision that doesn’t prioritize them, you will feel unhappy.

    3. The last one is more career-related. It gives you steps to find out what you’d love to do based on your skills and interests.

One thought on “Find Out What To Do With Your Life

  1. I loved to be mentioned here! 🙂

    You won’t believe it, but I have found the first link by chance as well. I thought it was a really good tool, but I am not going to try it right now, since there are many things going and I don’t feel stuck in terms of the academic/professional life. I’ll definitely save the link, though.
    I haven’t tried the one about values, but I do want to try it as soon as possible. I totally agree with you. We feel unhappy if our life doesn’t reflect our values. It is just a shame that few people realize that, it seems.
    I spent some time reading some posts by this guy the other day (the last link), he is really pragmatic and a bit unconventional. Interesting ideas.

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