Break Your Rules

Life is short and we shouldn’t waste it. The worst thing you can do is be a slave of your own rules. “I need to finish all books I start.”, “What will people think if I just stand up and go?”, “I can’t leave my house without putting make-up on.”, “If I’m different, everyone will stare at me.” Even the rules we made up for ourselves are there to be broken.

It’s normal to have guidelines to live by as long as they are part of happiness, not a cause of anxiety or stress. When we break our own rules, we sometimes find a new side of us that was there all along but we didn’t allow to come to surface.

In a previous post, I highlighted how important it is to do something different and this might be one of the best ways to do it. Break your patterns, invent new rules, let yourself be free from your own judgement.

You are your worst enemy sometimes and your judgement can be harshest than anyone else’s so just let yourself off the hook.



2 thoughts on “Break Your Rules

  1. I can be a huge prisoner of my own rules, and this makes me very anxious and stressed. My rules are not about “deeper things in life”; no, it’s the mundane, daily life rules that imprison me. I love to create rules to do things efficiently, in a smart way, but then I become a slave of these same smart rules I’ve created! I am trying to relax and remind myself that there is no point in getting stressed about things “I have to do” if this very rule was created by me. It is just stupid. If this rule was created by me, then I just might as well leave it if it’s making me anxious. Easier said than done, but maybe I am getting somewhere.

  2. Me too. I create this stupid rules and feel the pressure when I don’t follow them. I worry too much about things and stop myself from doing stuff because of some rules that only exist in my head.
    It’s true what you wrote, we are our worst enemies. We have To force ourselves To stop analysing everything I do what’s best for us.

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