7 Ways To Test Your Happiness

This is not my post, I took it from a men’s health magazine. The test and results are not very relevant. The important part is the pieces of scientific research given after each question. However, the answers to the questions make you think about how you’re living your life. I left the results here but I honestly don’t think they are important. Thinking about your own attitude and deciding how you feel is much more relevant to your happiness.

Are You Happy?

1. How would you describe your MP3 playlist?

A) Full of escape songs.

B) Fast and furious. I get pumped up.

C) Thoughtful. I can relate to the lyrics.

Odele may be awesome, but she’s bringing you down. Moody music leads to self-focus, and that reinforces sad moods, says Jeffrey Green, Ph.D., a social-psychology professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. A better playlist: jam-band music, like Phish.


2. How often do you send text messages?

A) It’s practically my only way of communicating.

B) I use it as a fast way to be in touch.

C) I still prefer phone or email.

According to the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, text message addicts are less satisfied with their lives than people who use conventional communications. Instant messaging isn’t as good at building the strong relationships that sustain happiness, says Melanie Green, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of North Carolina.


3. How did your mom raise you?

A) She was more like a friend than like a parent.

B) I felt like a Brady kid. I always knew my needs came first.

C) Sad to say, she wasn’t ready to be a mom.

A study at the University College of London surveyed 356 young adults and found that warm maternal care significantly correlated to high self-esteem and low self-criticism, both of which are linked to happiness. If it’s too late to get that from Mom, make sure you marry well, and cultivate a supportive group of friends and mentors.


4. When shopping for a new television, you . . .

A) Debate it for a few weeks.

B) Head for superstore. Lay down credit card.

C) Shop around. Forever.

Unhappy people exhaustively search through every option for almost every decision, according to Kennon Sheldon, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Missouri. And although those obsessives may end up with a better deal, they also bring more stress into their lives and are ultimately less content with their decisions, according to Sheldon.


5. You would rather buy a . . .

A) High-end watch.

B) Bicycle, kayak, or backpack.

C) Leather couch.

Instead of “having,” focus on “doing.” Investing money in experiences makes people happier than buying material possessions can, according to the journal Review of General Psychology. The thrill of a big purchase fades, but the social relationships built during an adventure endure.


6. What’s your strategy when it comes to dinner?

A) I fit it in when there’s time.

B) I prepare my meals at home as best I can.

C) I pick up fast food on the road.

Dinner may be the easiest way to improve your mood. Two-thirds of people say a good meal in a calm environment is a major source of happiness, according to the Journal of Happiness Studies. So, regardless of what you can cook, eat it at home. Avoid the burger-land franchises. “Fast-food restaurants are depressing places,” says Christopher Peterson, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. “Even the people who work there are demoralized.”


7. When someone opens a door for you, you . . .

A) Say thank you.

B) Nod your head and move on.

C) Expect it as common behavior and don’t really acknowledge it.

Gratitude is a huge predictor of happiness, and showing it verbally makes a big difference. “It changes your mindset,” says Peterson. “We take the good for granted, but if the bad is all we pay attention to, life is going to be a very grim business.” However, saying thank you boosts mood by making you more aware of good things in life. And it has a sustained effect if you say it on a regular basis. Why not start right now?



1) A=3, B=2, C=1

2) A=1, B=2, C=3

3) A=2, B=3, C=1

4) A=2, B=3, C=1

5) A=1, B=3, C=2

6) A=2, B=3, C=1

7) A=3, B=2, C=1


17 to 21 points 
Are you on something? Would you share?

11 to 16 points 
You probably have good and bad weeks. Tip the scales in your favor by being more optimistic. If you think positively, you’re more likely to make good things happen. And, as a bonus, optimists have a 55 percent lower risk of early death than pessimists, so your happy mood may last a while.

7 to 10 points 
Unhappy with your score? It figures. Check the questions where you bottomed out, and follow the implicit strategies. Better smileage is within your reach.

Source: http://www.menshealth.com/health/are-you-happy/page/4

From this, we can make a list of seven things that make a difference to your happiness:

  1. The music you listen to
  2. The direct contact you have with people
  3. Your relationship with your parents
  4. Your ability to make decisions
  5. Your shopping habits
  6. Your eating habits
  7. Your gratitude

    I definitely need to work on number 4. What about you?



4 thoughts on “7 Ways To Test Your Happiness

  1. I laughed out loud when I read my result: 19 points. Of course, like you said, it doens’t mean much, just what I already knew, I’m usually in a good mood. But the explanation for each question and the conclusion in the end are very interesting!
    As the author of te test, I also need To improve my ability To make decisions. I scored high on the test cause it was about shopping, not important things.

  2. That was not the author of the test. What’s in blue is what I wrote lol. I agree, the results don’t mean much because the questions are too specific (e.g.shopping). When you think about the scientific explanations in general you can judge better what you need to work on.

  3. My score was 16. The explanations were really nice. I’ve shared #3 with my sister, who is a mom of 3! 😀 Liked #6 too – “Fast-food restaurants are depressing places,” It is interesting to see how they want to make these places seem all about fun! Somebody once told me that the ugly color on McDonald’s tray is something that makes you want to eat fast and leave the place for next customers. I’m saying all of it and I can’t resist fast food yet… I am working on it… 🙂

  4. I also scored 19! Yay! I know, I know, it´s not about the score, but it was fun. Tests are always fun. Well, some questions were a little off for me. I mean, I see the point of the question, but I couldn´t really find a suitable answer. Like the one about our mom, for example. My mom / my upbringing doesn´t figure there.

    Number 2 is a little sad for me, because again there was no option. My answer would be: “I don´t sms much because I don´t have so many friends”. Hehehhehe…

    I totally understand number 4 and that´s something I have to work on as well. After you start practicing, that is, taking less time to make decisions, just choosing something for the sake of choosing, you realize that…… it doesn´t matter much anyway!!! So then why bother so much with every small decision, every single option? So I am trying to improve on this one.

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