10 Questions To Make You Think – June

Ready to answer some questions about yourself? These will bring you self-knowledge that is essential in order to achieve happiness.

  1. On a scale of one to ten, how healthy are you?
    Health plays a big part on our happiness. Can you feel completely happy when you’re ill or overtired? Probably not. So make sure your health is your priority.
  2. What do you feel grateful for today?
    The exercise of being grateful always brings great rewards. When you feel grateful, you become a more positive person which brings you and the ones around you more happiness.
  3. What makes you miserable?
    How can you change it, get rid of it or accept it?
  4. What makes a good friend?
    Make sure your friends have the qualities you value and you’re surrounding yourself with the kind of people that will create a positive environment of friendship.
  5. When was the last time you cried?
    Crying is not always bad. We can cry because we are emotional or even happy. Sometimes crying is necessary to release something that is haunting you inside and you actually feel relieved. Think about the reasons why you cried and how you felt after it.
  6. Which family member are you closest to?
    Family is very important in anyone’s life. Having a good relationship with family influences our happiness. Keep in touch with those you love.
  7. Is something in your way? Can you move it?
    It’s always healthy to think about what’s troubling us and work to find practical solutions.
  8. Something that made you worry today ___________.
    Reflect upon it. How much will this matter one year from now? What’s the worst that could happen? Don’t turn small things into catastrophic events.
  9. Did you exercise today?
    This is closely related to number one. Exercise is actually proved to boost your mood and energy. When you’re feeling down, sometimes the last thing you want is to exercise. However, if you force yourself, you will feel the benefits right after it. Make time for your health.
  10. Who is your closest companion?
    Don’t take this person for granted. Show him/ her how much you appreciate their company.

9 thoughts on “10 Questions To Make You Think – June

  1. The “10 questions to make you think” series is one of the things I like the most about this blog. They really have this power of making us reflect on life and I love it. Thanks for sharing it!! What about July? 😉

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  4. Yes, I am back to this blog! 🙂

    Let me start answering the same way I did before: not thinking much, just the most straightforward, honest answer that comes to my mind (a very healthy exercise for me, since I tend to overthink everything):

    1) Probably 6. I am very happy that I started going to the gym after 4 years planning on doing that, but now I stopped again, due to Christmas etc. But I haven’t still recovered from constipation and related problems and I feel I am mentally unhealthy.

    2) Spending time with mu great buddies, Erik and Jonas (Jonas is Erik’s brother). We are doing absolutely nothing, just drinking liters of wine, whisky and playing music. Just being happy together.

    3) Not knowing how to turn my dreams into a “career”. Not having the courage to have the lifestyle I want.

    4) One that understands you.

    5) Yesterday, when I was drunk and frustrated fro not having learned to play the guitar when I was younger. Frustrated with my family that castrated this dream, frustrated with myself for not pursuing this dream nevertheless.

    6) Dog Pepinho, who just died.

    7) I am the one in my way – as it is true for everybody. We stand on our way.

    8) Choosing a decent broker to sell my flat. This actually has very practical consequence – we could get a worse deal if we choose a bad broker.

    9) No, ’cause I am not in Lund, I am in Uppsala. My gym card is a gym in Lund. I actually miss it.

    10) Erik.

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