5 Cool Websites About Happiness

I know this is the best website about happiness (well, it might be one day hehe) but there are other very interesting ones that also focus on happiness. Here are my favourites:

  1. The Happiness Project
    Gretchen Rubin is a writer that focus on happiness. Her books include The Happiness Project and Happier at home. Her blog gives tips on how to be happy and create your own happiness project. She also makes videos with monthly resolutions to increase happiness throughout the year.

  2. Color me Katie
    Kate Sokoler is a photographer and street artist that seems to be the happiest person alive. On her blog, she posts photos of things that make her happy and all sorts of cute stuff. She also shows her projects to make her neighbourhood and the world a happier place.
  3. The Happiness Formula
    This is a website from a TV programme about happiness from BBC. ┬áIt shows researches, discoveries and videos about happiness. It’s not updated though so it’s limited to what’s there right now.
  4. The Positivity Blog
    This blog has loads of articles and practical tips on how to be happier.

  5. Mind Body Green
    This is a website that talks about happiness, health, yoga, helping the environment, among other things. It’s an extensive website with articles from specialists in different areas. The articles range from improving your relationship to recipes for vegan food.