Why We Need To Get Rid Of Fear

I’m reading a book called The Tibetan Art of Serenity by Christopher Hansard and this book explains that all our problems are caused by fear. You need to get rid of fear to live the life you want. Fear encourages the abuse of women, poverty, misinformation, misuse of economics, agriculture and industry. Fear is the root of environmental pollution, global warming, social unrest, the abuse of human rights, terrorism and global breakdown. It is by finding serenity that we can heal our individual fears and make this world a better place. The path to stop our fear starts with identifying them. Which fears do we suffer from?

“The greatest benefit of fear is that when you understand it, you know that you can heal it.”

There are twelve types of fear. Identify your fear from this list:

Fears of the Everyday Mind

  1. The fear of being yourself
    This is the only fear that all people have and all other fears come from this one.
  2. The fear of other people
    It is this fear that causes violence, terrorism and evil. In many societies, this fear is encouraged.
  3. The fear of power and control
    People think  that having power over others will bring them satisfaction but power and control should only be motivated by inner development.
  4. The fear of love
    This is the fear of hurt and rejection. When we love, we are vulnerable.
  5. The fear of loneliness
    We need to discover the pleasure of our own company.
  6. The fear of fear itself
    Sometimes people avoid life and become isolated and lonely because they want to avoid fear.
  7. The fear of death and dying
    This is not the fear of the event but of the discovery. What happens when I die?

Fears of the Material World

  1. The fear of success and failure
    Some people achieve success and don’t know how to live with it and take responsibility for it. Usually the same people can’t live with failure and accept the loss of their dreams.
  2. The fear of poverty and wealth
    These fears come from the desire of controlling the material world. You want lots of money because you feel unsafe and you fear poverty because you think you’re in constant danger.
  3. The fear of the future and what it will bring
    This fear comes from the dissatisfaction and inability to be content.
  4. The fear of achievement and self-esteem
    We want to achieve more to raise our self-esteem but we fear achievements because our self-esteem is too low to cope with it.
  5. The fear of war and illness
    This fear is bigger today that it has ever been because media makes us aware of their existence and we are forced to confront them every day.

Now  which of these fears do you suffer from? After identifying them, you are ready to meditate on them, let them go and finally find serenity.

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Let go of control

“If you can’t control it, let it go.” 

That’s my favourite zen saying.

Letting go of control is a challenge. It requires a lot of practice. The truth is that life is unstable and it’s impossible to control what’s going to happen. Sometimes we have the false impression that we are in control but the truth is we are not. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen anytime, good or bad.

We can’t control other people and we can’t control the outcome of situations so we have to stop trying or we will only get frustrated and disappointed.

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature…Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

If we accept the way things are, we can find peace.

That doesn’t mean we should settle for less in life. If there’s something you can do to change a bad situation or make things better, do it. If there’s nothing you can do at the moment, let go.

Happiness And Things I Learned From Buddhism

There are only two basic things that everybody wants: be happy and avoid suffering. If you think about it, all the other things are included in those two. If it’s that simple, why is it so difficult to be happy?

I’ll tell you why: because people don’t know what really makes them happy.

If something is a cause of happiness, it can never be a cause of suffering or pain. If you eat something delicious, it will bring you pleasure. If you eat it too much, it will give you a stomachache. You might love your job but if you work too much, you’ll be exhausted. And so on.

Therefore, none of these things can actually make you happy.

Nothing that you have or even that you do can make you happy. Only what you feel can bring real happiness.

You can feel love, compassion, respect, forgiveness, patience as much as you want and it will never cause you pain. Good feelings are the only true cause of happiness.