Why I Love Changes

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” — George Santayana

Personally, I love the change of seasons. The spring is so happy and colourful, I love sunbathing and wearing dresses in the summer, the fall is absolutely beautiful and in the winter I can look so elegant with boots and scarves or cute with earmuffs.

However, this quote is much deeper than just seasons. I think the idea here is that you will be much happier if you embrace changes and find a way to enjoy them than if you hold on to a temporary state as if it’s permanent and the only way you feel happy.

Changes are natural and they are part of life. The seasons are a perfect example of this. You can’t expect to live in the summer forever so you need to find pleasure in all seasons. Maybe you don’t like the elegant clothes in the winter but you can still enjoy staying in and drinking a hot chocolate while snugging your blanket.

I have to admit it’s easy for me to say because I’ve always been fond of changes. I love those days before travelling when I walk down a street and think “I won’t be walking down here for a while”. But I think even if you’re not a lover of changes like me, you can still try to accept it and see the positive side of it.

Changes make us grow and make life more meaningful. We always remember those days when something unexpected happened. It becomes a memory and even if it’s a bad one, it still brings meaning to life and makes it more interesting.