Are you making the right changes?

Most people are afraid of changes. Having to adapt to change is one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety.It’s obvious that big changes like moving houses or starting a new job come with a lot of pressure and difficult situations to deal with. However, even small changes like a shop closing in the neighbourhood can make people feel uncomfortable sometimes. We get attached to the things we are used to.

Even though it’s difficult, we should embrace change. It’s proven that our brains thrive on small changes to our routine. Rearrange the furniture, take a different route to work, eat something new and your brain will thank you.

There are the people (like me) who love and feel inspired by changes. The problem is when you keep looking for something eternally and is never satisfied.

Do you feel like you change cities, jobs, partners and still complains about the same problems? You might be making external changes without examining yourself first and your contribution to each situation. We actually have the tendency to look for peace outside instead of inside ourselves and this is the wrong way to approach change.

Sometimes the change we need to do is in ourselves. So I invite you to evaluate your problems and think if they’ve been repeating themselves in different situations. If so, what can you do to change not only your life but yourself?

Find Out What Makes You Happy And Sad

Sometimes we feel down for long periods of time and we feel that we don’t know the exact reason.

In this case, it is very useful to keep a record of what makes you happy and sad each day. When you have to write it down and think about your day, you will notice more clearly what is getting you down. You become more aware of yourself and your needs.

Write everything down. Don’t worry if they are silly things. They might seem silly at the time but they are obviously meaningful to you. Maybe you felt sad because of some news you read or because you missed the bus. Maybe you felt happy because you ate a cookie. When you are feeling depressed, some problems might look bigger than they are but how you felt at the moment is still real and you shouldn’t ignore it. You can gain deep insight into yourself. This record is for you not anyone else, so be honest.  What really made you happy today? What really made you unhappy?

After keeping this record for some time, you can read back and take notes of the recurrent things. You might notice there is a pattern and the same things are making you unhappy again and again. Then you can make changes and also try to do more of what makes you happy.